Have You Ever Told Yourself,
"Im Sick and Tired of This Life!
"Enough of These Hardships!
"Enough of These Broken Dreams!

Tired of hoping that someday your dreams will come true?

Tired of looking at the pile of unpaid bills that never stop coming and coming - month after month?

Tired of stretching your budget to make both ends meet?

Tired of asking yourself when will all these hardships and suffering end?

Tired of the frustrations! Disappointments! BOREDOM!

"Enough!" you say, "Enough is ENOUGH!"

rodolfo c. torres


You are not alone. Millions are feeling the same. Right now. I know, I've been there myself.

I was not born to rich parents. I did not study in Ateneo or La Salle. I did not marry a heiress. I'm not tall, dark and handsome. I was a certified nobody.

For years I and my family lived on a hand-to-mouth existence like many do. I bought things on installments because I did not have the cash.

My first television was a black and white TV set. In a few months it was repossessed.

My first typewriter was a portable typewriter and in a few months it was repossessed.

So my father bought for me an old, battered typewriter that went through World War 1 & 2.

One day, my neighbor asked me if she could borrow it. I said, "Sure. My typewriter is your typewriter."

She took my words for it. She SOLD it! She never talked to me since then.

I learned when you're nobody, people don't give you much respect.

Nobody wanted me to be a "ninong" during baptism. At parties, I would sit alone in a corner. And nobody would notice me.

Nobody wanted to lend me money. The banks wouldn't. Even my rich relative wouldn't want to lend me even P1,000. (It's ironic, I learned banks and people lend money only to those who are well off.)

For years I lived in want. I've been reading the Bible and I found out that it has many WONDERFUL PROMISES, like:

"I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." (John 10:10)

"Therefore do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?'
"For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.
"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matthew 6:30-33)

"And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:19)

"The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger; but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing." (Psalm 34:10)

"Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." (3 John 1:2)

I asked myself the question:

Why is life to many of us a ONE BIG MESS when the Bible is full of God's WONDERFUL promises?

Do You Also Sometimes Wonder Why God's WONDERFUL Promises Seem Not Working in Your Life? Has God Forgotten You? Why are Your Prayers Not Being Answered? Is God Deaf? Or Is He DEAD? If Not, Does He Really Care? Does God love you?


Then one day I got an insight... a flash of inspiration.

Notice that Jesus Christ said "seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you."

In the kingdom of God is law and order. If you abide in His kingdom, you must follow the laws of the kingdom.

If you want the "more abundant" life Jesus promised, you must follow the kingdom's laws for abundant living.

If you do, blessings will naturally and automatically flow into your life, even in avalanche...like the downpour of a raging waterfall that's so great you wouldn't have room enough to contain it.

It's when you are not aligned or in harmony with God's laws that you prevent, hinder, or stop God's many blessings from pouring out to you. Isn't it that oftentimes we are not aligned with His Will and laws?

The problem is not with God. God loves you. The problem is with YOU! With ME. God loves us. All He desires is for our GOOD.

I learned and understood this. So I embarked on a long, painstaking research and study about the said laws.



The Bible Reveals
33 Amazing Laws
to a Happier, More Abundant Life!

One by one I found them and came up with 33 laws which I called the "33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity." Unlocked! Plain and simple.

I applied them in my own life and -


From that day on, I was never the same again. I experienced a happier, more abundant, and more meaningful life.

I became pupular almost overnight! Overnight I had many relatives and friends that I didn't know. Many suddenly wanted me to be the "ninong" of their child.

When I would come back home in the province, people would wave and recognize me even when it seemed I was a mile away.

One time at a party, I sat alone in a corner as usual, and the host told me, "Why are you sitting there? Come, sit here beside the mayor and the governor."

I wanted to slap myself to make sure I was not only dreaming. It's like a fairy tale. You smile, but no, this is not a fairy tale. (You can visit me at www.rodolfotorres.com)

I became what I wanted to become, gained what I wanted to gain, and accomplished what I wanted to accomplish because of God's grace and the "33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity."

Hey, you've spent many hours watching TV and going to the movies. Give yourself a break. Do yourself a favor. Invest just 4 hours in this seminar - it will help change your life for the better. I guarantee you'll come out a better person. Or your money back!

Don't worry, I won't bore you. Promise. I'll do my best to entertain you and keep you awake as I teach you the secrets. I'd like to see you smiling, laughing, and inspired, instead of you sleeping in your seat.

When you get out of the seminar, you'll feel more inspired and refreshed than watching a movie or a TV drama that has not done you much good to improve your life and circumstances. Get or reserve your ticket now and...

Give Me One Evening And I'll Help You Change Your Life for the Better - Starting NOW!

In just one evening, I'll share to you the most important secrets I learned in a lifetime to live a life of purpose and meaning, achieve your goals, and make your dreams come true.

So you won't have to wander around, making costly mistakes, wasting away precious years by living a life of trial and error.

Don't reach the end of your life full of REGRETS.

Let me help you find your purpose in life, set your goals and achieve them, pursue your passion, live a more meaningful life, and -

Make the remaining years of your life the best years of your life!

Before we go on, let me ask you a question: At the end of your life, will you have become what you wanted to become, gained what you wanted to gain, done what you really love to do, pursued your true passion, and focused your life on what you value most? It's heartbreaking to see that -

Many are busy, busy just doing things that don't really matter.

They are not focusing on what's really important to them - what they value most.

They are not doing what they really love and enjoy doing...and what they are best at.

That's why at the end of their life, they are full of regrets, saying, "I wish I had..." or "I should have..."

By then it's too late. But to you, now it's NOT too late.

Let us help you focus on what's important and show you HOW to make your dreams come true. If you want to live a more meaningful life - a life with a clear purpose - come to this seminar, "33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity" -




“I pray our educational institutions will apply them in their systems. It will turn around the products of our schools towards better quality citizens of the country." - Amado S. Jr., Psychologist and Substress Management Cosultant, Diliman, Quezon City

“The seminar is diferent from all of the seminars I have attended. I feel renewed. It’s superb and rejuvenating.” - Virgilia B. Adapon, Secondary School Teacher, Ramon Magsaysay High School, Quezon City

“It is really a must-attend seminar for every Filipino. It will develop physical, emotional, spiritual and financial aspect of our lives. This seminar enlightens and gives the true meaning and purpose of life.” –Jonathan Rey Nebres, Pulanglupa II Las Pinas City

“Very inspiring! I am wishing my family, officemates, and friends can also attend this seminar. It will help them to think positively and have greater faith in God.” - Ninfa C. Castor, Chemist, Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, Department of Health

“The seminar is excellent. I was featured on national TV and was featured internationally because of the lessons in this seminar.” - Lambert Flores, “Bubble King of the Philippines,” Makati City

“The content is wonderful, it’s a 10. The things I learned from this program have changed my life and have turned my life around 180 degrees - from loser to achiever. That’s why I’ve brought my 100 leaders with me to this seminar. I want them to experience the same joy of success and prosperity that I have experienced.” - Gari Gabrinao, Makati City

“Fantastic! Eye-opener. Simple laws yet powerful if applied. I would recommend it to others.” - Rolando A. Remon, R&D Manager, Colgate-Palmolive, Makati City

“Terrific! It is very enlightening and applicable to our lives. Very enriching.” - Imelda G. Silva, ITC Manager, Colgate-Palmolive Asian Regional Tech Center

“The best seminar I’ve ever attended. Mind-opener. No-nonsense facts and truths. Godly-inspired reality. Thanks for coming up with this.” - Mirasol M. Silverio, Secretary, Manila Hotel

“This seminar is highly recommended. I hope students are part of your major priorities to whom you will share the ‘33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity.’” - Ariestelo A. Asilo, Student, University of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna

“Im glad that my father sent me to this seminar. He has been telling me a lot about Rodolfo Torres and he has been encouraging me to read books written by him.” - Cherry Anne B. Geronimo, Student, Navotas, Metro Manila

“Superb! The laws work!” - Dr. Arle Imperio, MD, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

“ It’s very essential to entrepreneurs and managers.”. – Ma. Luisita “Luzette” Romanillas, Giulius Bamboo Italian Resort Tourist Center St., Station 2 Central of Boracay, Malay, Aklan

“Two thumbs up!  The seminar was very intriguing and interesting. I would recommend this seminar to my relatives, friends and colleagues.”– Feliciano Cruz, Jr, Vito Cruz Ext., Makati City

“I am so happy that I have attended this seminar. I will definitely recommend this seminar to our company. I believe my officemates/co-workers will benefit a lot. I received more than I paid for.” –Rufina Garcia, Tondo, Manila

“This is a legacy I can share with my children.” - Jose Felizardi R. Alforte, Parent, Mandaluyong City

“Superb! I will bring my family members next time.” - Raymond Cyril Mendoza de Villa, Synergy Worldwide, Sampaloc, Manila

“Very necessary in day-to-day life application. I want to attend more seminars by the author.” - Orlando B. Galvez, Proprietor, Rembrandt Photography, Project 4, Quezon City

“Napakaganda ang seminar na ito. Naiiba ito sa mga libro na nabasa ko.” - Boni Liao, Businessman, Cainta, Rizal

“Wonderful! It’s different from other seminars I’ve attended.” - Rolando P. Apura, Networker, Tierra Monte, San Mateo Rizal

“It released me from my old self - negative, always complaining.” - Lolit I. Aguilar, South Cembo, Makati City

“It touched my very ‘core.’ I have been praying that God would teach me how to walk through this life acording to His will. And your seminar is God’s step-by-step answer to my questions. You are a blessing!” - Velinda A. Funelas, Independent Distributor, NSP, Meycauayan, Bulacan

“Very inspiring. Very motivational. Very informative.” - Wenzel Gladstone S. Buaquina, Proprietor, Microdot Systems Enterprises, Imus, Cavite

“Thanks for sharing this seminar. It is worth our time and money.” – Claudine Cruz, Ayala, Alabang

“It was a very wonderful seminar—a combination of touchy, practical and funny one-of-a-kind seminar that’s worth more than your money. I am tight when it comes to money, but when I attended this seminar, I feel like it’s a giveaway!” –Jen Sanorjo , Guadalupe, Nuevo Makati City

Truly amazing. It truly lived up to its name and I really thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to be here and join this very positive and encouraging seminar.” - Rowena Nacario, 9 de Pebrero St., Mandaluyong City

“Very  motivational, bubbly, cool, interesting set of nice motivational, inspirational, and humorous stories too.” –Jefferson Rodriguez, Amorsolo St., Makati City

“This seminar inspires, enlightens - it’s useful and practical! There’s a bonus of laughter too!” – Imelda Sabio, Project 4, Q.C.

I should have taken the seminar a long time ago.”-  Aracelli Gantres, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa

This is better than “The Secret.”– Annie Albano (15/F LKG Tower, Ayala Ave., Makati City

“It is a great seminar. Mr. Torres gave more than what we paid for. Please hold this more often and send out the word to more people." –Rod Caruit

“Enlightening! Very good presentation.” - Mary Go, Marketing Staff, Sun Life of Canada

“This seminar is amazing! Spirit-filling! I feel I am new man.” - Danilo M. Calpito, Concepcion, Marikina City

“I learned a lot. You changed my outlook in life.” - Rosario “Chat” Romero, Distributor, Tanay, Rizal

“Very enlightening, humorous, power-packed teaching!” - Edison L. Go Tian, West Greenhills

“Very inspiring. The best!” - Joseph B. Trinidad, Distributor, Synergy Worldwide, Arayat, Pampanga

“I come out positive. I believe God has blessed me through this seminar. I gained more confidence.” - Shermaine Kay D. Esplana, Bricktown Subdivision, Paranaque City

“Stimulating, exciting and down-to-earth...like no other seminar.” - Henry I. Pacifico, Health Consultant, Taytay, Rizal

“I feel good. I learned a lot. Now it’s very clear to me how I should deal with my problem.” - Geraldine Gabrinao, NSP, Ortigas, Pasig City

“It opened my mind, my heart, how blessed I am.” - Daniel B. Surisantos, MD, E.M.T., Product Lecturer, NSP Synergy Worldwide

“Great seminar that motivates. I am positive now.” - Ruben B. Andiso, Silang, Cavite

“It totally changed me and enlightened me.” - Joel L. de la Cruz, NSP, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

“Thought-provoking and inspiring. Lessons apply not only to business but also to everyday life. Wonderful!” - Analiza “Chai” Gabrinao, Bacoor, Cavite

“This seminar is excellent, boosts my morale, motivates and enlightens my spirit as a person, as a father, and as a husband. Exemplar!” - Reachard James J. de Leon, Trainer, Paranaque City

“Amazing! Ito ang magiging gabay ko sa buhay magpakailanman patungo sa tagumpay ng magandang buhay.” - Marlene O. Reyes, Material Handler, Amkor Anam, Pasig City

“Excellent!” - Alice Chua, Tri-Star Manager, Excelta Trading Corp., Paranaque City

“This seminar erases my negative thoughts and prepares me better to face difficulties.” - Greg Tabayan Jr., Legacy of Life, Balungao, Pangasinan

“An eye-opener. It features important tools and values for you to succeed.” - Fredric P. Marquez, Computer Technician, Goodwill 2 Subdivision, Paranaque City

“Wonderful, fantastic, encouraging!” - Teresita O. Andrada, San Mateo, Rizal

“It’s wonderful and fruitful. Very enlightening.” - Rosita T. Fabellar, Iridologist, Iridology & Nutraceutical Clinic, Bacoor, Cavite

“After attending the seminar, I found out that life is beautiful.” - Distributor, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Paranaque City

“It made me look at the brighter side of life.” - Victoria M. Banaag, San Martin de Porres Village 3, Bacoor, Cavite

“After this seminar, I find life is wonderful and interesting. And problems can be solved.” - Daniel C. Palmes, Don Galo, Paranaque City

“Very informative! Contains powerful formulas for releasing latent powers within me.” - Anthony D. Plofino, Administrative Officer, Intramuros, Manila

“Inspiring! It made me feel good about myself and appreciate God more for who He is.” - Milagros M. Bueno, Veterans Village, Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City

“It's a masterpiece!” - Reverend Ebenezer Folayan Alabi, Canada


You'll wonder where they have been hiding all these years.

The fact is: They have been there all along...wanting to flow and come into your life...but you have been unconsciously resisting and preventing them by violating these spiritual laws of creative and righteous living.

Abide and live in harmony with these laws and blessings you may have never expected or never dreamt of will automatically flow and rain down into your life.


Tired of hoping that someday your dreams will come true?

Tired of looking at the pile of unpaid bills that never end...and that keeps on getting higher and higher?

Tired of asking yourself when will all your hardships and sufferings end?
Enough of these frustrations!

I want to share the "33 Amazing Laws" with you while I can. Come to my seminar, "33 Amazing Laws of Success and Prosperity."

It Will Be One of the Most Wonderful Times of Your Life!

So text or call now to learn about the next shedule of this seminar.
Don't worry, I won't bore you. I'll make it one of the most wonderful evenings you'll ever have - or you get your money back.

Yours for a happier, healthier, wealthier life,


33 Amazing Laws Book

Rodolfo Torres

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